Intel: Some example of Ray Traced gaming likely in 2-3 years

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.31.08

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Intel: Some example of Ray Traced gaming likely in 2-3 years
Already looking to the future, Intel's Dr. Michael Vollmer expressed hope towards the future of ray traced visuals in gaming. When asked by PC Gaming Hardware if there were developers already working on ray traced games, Vollmer said, "I dare say that in two to three years time we will see something," noting that he keeps in touch with companies all over the world.

Ray tracing is a graphics technique that is capable of some impressive, photorealistic visuals but conversely is very computational-intensive. Vollmer also said that the raytracing demo shown last month should be seen as a technical demo and that the graphics portion had been taken from the non-raytraced optimized Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Speaking of which, we couldn't think of a more likely candidate for showcasing raytraced graphics than John Carmack and Id Software, except maybe Crytek. If Vollmer's estimates are accurate, we hope to see some ray traced frag fest in time for the 2011 Game Developers Conference.

[Via Blue's News]
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