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NVIDIA dropping 790i mobo, quitting chipset business?

NVIDIA dropping 790i mobo, quitting chipset business?
Nilay Patel
Nilay Patel|August 1, 2008 12:42 PM
We don't take much stock in Digitimes rumors, but the negative chatter about NVIDIA just keeps getting louder -- in addition to that nasty defective GPU situation, word is that problems with the nForce line might lead the company to exit the chipset business entirely. According the Inquirer, mobos based on the high-end 790i line have already been pulled by several manufacturers, including Foxconn and Gigabyte, and apparently NVIDIA is asking motherboard makers if it should stay in the chipset game at all and getting lukewarm reactions. Of course, NVIDIA was talking about taking Intel head-on just a few short months ago, so it would be backing down pretty hard if it went back to just making GPUs -- not to mention that SLI would essentially die without mobo support and platform initiatives like Tegra would lose tons of momentum. We seriously doubt that the situation is that dire, but right now NVIDIA needs to come out and take control of this mess -- where are all the trash-talking execs now?

Update: NVIDIA says the rumors are groundless and that its chipset business is as "strong as it ever has been," and that the 790i chipset is still being made. That's that, we suppose -- but until NVIDIA comes right out and explains what's going on, these types of rumors aren't going away.

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