Hulu refreshes HD Gallery with 720p TV shows

Steven Kim
S. Kim|08.05.08

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Hulu refreshes HD Gallery with 720p TV shows
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Pull up that task chair and fire up that web browser, HD-mavens. Hulu has finally stepped up its HD game with the latest update to its HD Gallery. If your rig has a 2.5 Mbps connection to the outside world and a few CPU cycles to spare, Hulu is looking to hook you up with full-length, 720p episodes of Heroes, 30 Rock, 24 and The Office. If you need more incentive to check it out, how about the fact that these videos are ad-free for the time being? If TV isn't your thing, there are a few scraps (read: excerpts) in the "Nature and Documentary" section, and the "Sports" genre houses Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals. Yes, the selection is thin and the "Movie Clips" heading is crushing. But since we're feeling "glass half full," we'll be encouraged that Hulu is getting serious about HD internet video. And really, you can't beat the price.
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