ProjectPlus for TextMate

Brett Terpstra
B. Terpstra|08.06.08

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Brett Terpstra
August 6th, 2008
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ProjectPlus for TextMate

It's been a while since TUAW talked about TextMate, and fans of the venerable text editor will want to check out ProjectPlus, Ciarán Walsh's latest contribution to the TextMate community. It provides a set of features compiled from several of Ciarán's other plugins, and then some, such as:

  • SCM status badges for SVN and Git, displayed in the project file list and the window proxy icon
  • Swapping the project drawer for a panel, ala MissingDrawer (can be disabled if you prefer MissingDrawer)
  • The project panel can be placed on either side of the window
  • Maintains support for ?????????D and ??????R shortcuts
  • Support for Finder color labels in the sidebar panel
  • Color labels can be set through the context menu
  • Preserving the project tree state on re-open
  • QuickLook preview of files in the project file list through the context menu (or ???? when the file list is focused)
  • Sorting options in the project file list context menu
    • Display folders at the top of the list
    • Sort by file extension
  • "Open With" option

Subversion users might also want to take a look at SVNMate, also by Ciarán. Also check out some of the great contributions from Thomas Aylott, a.k.a subtleGradient. TextMate is an amazing text editor, but the contributions of the TextMate community are what make it my favorite text editor.

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