Ask Engadget HD: What's the best HTIB system?

Let's face it -- not everyone has the space nor disposable income to piece together their own multichannel surround sound system, and that's where this week's Ask Engadget HD question comes in. Take it away, Todd:

"I'm currently stuck in a small apartment with a need for surround sound, but I can't go buy a bunch of separates and create a system. I'm obviously in the market for a small but great sounding HTIB. I already own a Blu-ray player, so I'm not too concerned with any built-in DVD / BD players. Which 5.1 (or greater) set out there today offers the best bang for my buck?"

There's no shame in buying your surround sound in a box, so puff out your chest and give this man an answer. Are you pleased with the sound quality / volume / overall performance of your boxed rig? Does your friend's unit sound better? Turn it to 11 and speak up!

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