German researchers devise means for even faster MRAM

We've already heard plenty of claims about how MRAM (or magnetoresistive RAM) would leave traditional memory in the dust, but a group of German researchers are now saying that they've found a way to blow past the MRAM that IBM and others are just now putting the finishing touches on. Their big breakthrough, it seems, is a new spin-torque system that can flip the magnetic field storing the 1s and 0s with only a single "wobble" being allowed to take place. That's as opposed to the magnetic field in current MRAM systems, which requires some time to settle into place each time its flipped. There's apparently still some work to be done before we see any actual MRAM using this new system, however, as the current used by the German device too electrically dense to be supplied by the transistors used in MRAM circuits, although they seem confident that they can overcome that pesky little problem.