Comcast lighting up 15 HD channels in Chicago, Illinois

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.15.08

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Is this a trend we spot, or just a small flurry of Comcast expansions that sadly won't affect the rest of the nation? While we're obviously hoping, praying, pleading for the former to be true, citizens of Chicago, Illinois can expect a whopping 15 new high-def stations to arrive on their EPG in a matter of days. Aside from the highly-anticipated Big Ten Network launch, users will also find Weather Channel HD (270), FX HD (267), Fox News HD (265), Bravo HD (278), NFL Network HD (234), SPEED HD (237) and our personal favorite, QVC HD on slot 282. Check the read link for the full list, or just turn to QVC HD and zone out for a few days.

[Thanks, cypherstream]
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