Confirmed: Bob's Game has gameplay, 'several' publishers interested

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|08.19.08

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Chris Greenhough
August 19th, 2008
In this article: 2d, adventure, bobs-game, robert-pelloni

After impressing us with the first ever video of Bob's Game, Robert Pelloni is back with a second piece of footage for his homebrew title. This time it looks and sounds more like a game, in that it shows gameplay. The mission in the video above forms part of the title's tutorial, and sees protagonist Yuu hunting around for batteries for his mother. We're yet to figure out how to complete this quest, but then again we're a bit thick at this kind of thing.

In other news, Robert reveals on his blog that "several publishers have expressed interest" in Bob's Game, including a "large, well-known" company. After half a decade of development, a publishing deal is probably the least Pelloni deserves.
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