The Elves of WAR round-up

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|08.19.08

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The Elves of WAR round-up

It's been a busy week here at Massively as we've been preparing for the eventual NDA lift while simultaneously bringing you early looks at the first half of the Dark Elf and High Elf content. With the announcement that the full NDA is being removed today, we've decided to go ahead and gather all of the Elves of WAR content written thus far into one easy-to-access place. Expect to see lots more from the Massively crew as we bring you information on all of the races that will be butting heads in Warhammer Online.

Meet the Shadow Warrior, levels 1-5
Our overview of the High Elf ranged dps career, the Shadow Warrior, may not be enough for you. So here we are with an examination of every skill from level one through five.
Meet the Swordmaster. levels 1-5
Maybe the High Elf melee dps and healer careers aren't your preferred playstyle. It's time to look at the High Elf tanking class, the Swordmaster, in our continuing exclusive pre-NDA coverage of the Elves of WAR.
The Digital Continuum: Dark Elf days in WAR
So we've gotten official approval to speak our minds early and often about the Dark Elf (High Elves too, but bollocks to Order, I say!) experience in tier one and two as much as we like. That led me to decide that it would be fun to give you my personal take on them.
Meet the Disciple of Khaine
The Bloody Handed god has priests like any of the other gods in Warhammer Online, only his priests come with a twist. They are known as Disciples of Khaine and they relish dealing death to their enemies like the rest of their brothers and sisters.

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The House Arkaneth public quest walkthrough
You've heard about the fearsome Public Quest that kicks off the High Elves Tier 1 experience many times before, but it's never had a name. The evils of House Arkaneth are the subject of this first encounter, and that's the name of the game: "House Arkaneth"
Lore unlocks
The Tome of Knowledge is one of the most unique elements of Warhammer Online. Though it builds on the work of games like City of Heroes and Lord of the Rings Online (and obviously inspired similar mechanics in other games), the sense of 'completeness' the Tome offers is comprehensive.
Meet the White Lion
Massively continues it's pre-NDA blogging of the Elves of Warhammer Online with a look at the High Elf melee dps career, the White Lion. Wielding a ferocious axe and bonded with a lion for life, this pet class is fierce, able to take on two enemies at once or harass RvR opponents mercilessly.
The Daily Grind: Would you rather play High Elves or Dark Elves?
So we've given you some hot-off-the-pre-NDA lift information on both the Dark Elves and High Elves. Now we pose to you a "Would you rather" situation: Dark Elves or High Elves?
Meet the Swordmaster
Massively continues its exclusive pre-NDA look into the Elves of Warhammer Online. This article focuses on the Swordmaster, the High Elf tanking career specializing in combo chains called the Blade Dance.
Meet the Shadow Warrior
Massively continues its exclusive pre-NDA coverage of the Elves of Warhammer Online with this spotlight on a master of Ranged DPS for the side of Order, The High Elf Shadow Warrior. They come in three flavors, Scouts (long-range dps specialists), Assault (close-combat) and Skirmish (short-range bow specialists).
Your very first Dark Elf quest
So what's the very first thing you do when you log into Warhammer Online as a Dark Elf? You accept the quest "Blood Feud" and get right to the High Elf killing, of course.
"The Joys of War"
We've seen the first quest for the Dark Elves in Warhammer Online, and it wasn't quite what we were expecting. You could definitely say we were happily surprised. So to be honest, we didn't expect the second quest to be so much cooler than the first.
Meet the Witch Elf
We know some of you probably aren't looking to have quests and their delectably gooey centers spoiled for you, so with that in mind we've got something else for you to sink your teeth into. While there may only be three Dark Elf classes for now, they're at least compelling classes for anyone looking to be a dark, brooding badass.
Meet the Sorceress
Do dark magical forces beckon you? It could be that the Dark Elf Sorceress -- Sorcerer for males -- is just the class for you in Warhammer Online, so long as you don't mind being an Elf.
Level 1-5 quests for High Elves
Massively's exclusive coverage of the Elves of WAR continues with a look at the first five levels in the Warhammer Online for High Elves. Whether you roll an Archmage, Shadow Warrior, Swordmaster or White Lion, your High Elf will follow the same quest line, unless you fly to one of the other racial starting areas.
Meet the Archmage, levels 1-5
Massively's exclusive pre-NDA coverage of the Elves of Warhammer Online continues with this sneak peek at the beginning levels of the High Elf healer class, the Archmage.
Meet the White Lion, levels 1-5
Earlier in the week we gave you a broad overview of this Warhammer Online class based on our higher level beta experiences. Today, we continue our exclusive pre-NDA look at the Elves of WAR with a look at the White Lion class from the ground up.
Dark Elf Chapter I Public Quest, Spires of Narthain
The first Public Quest (PQ) we came across while playing our Dark Elves was a very cool experience, especially considering that this is only the first of many PQs.
Witch Elf levels 6-10
We gave you the first five levels of the Witch Elf and hey, that was pretty awesome. However, now we've got the next five levels and they're totally cooler than the last five. We swear!
Disciple of Khaine levels 6-10
Levels six through ten for the Disciple of Khaine see you receiving not only your first morale ability (hint: it's a big heal) but also your first revive spell at level ten.

Sorceress levels 6-10
The first five levels of the Sorceress class outfitted her with the basics spell-wise. These next five levels, however, add plenty of tricks into the mix. There's still more direct damage to be had, especially with your first morale ability.
White Lion levels 6-10
In the first five levels of this High Elf melee dps career, we got a lion, an axe and an attitude. Time to take it on the road for five more levels and all the new abilities that come with it.
Witch Elf levels 11-15
For levels 11 through 15 of the Witch Elf class, you'll be seeing your first three Career Tactics come into play. These are passive traits that tweak the way your character will fight.
Disciple of Khaine levels 11-15
Levels 11 through 15 for the Disciple of Khaine --much like the other classes -- give you your three first Career Tactics. These passive abilities allow you to slightly alter the way your class functions in combat.
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