iPhone update for 3G issues; more coming in September?

Jim Dalrymple at Macworld notes that the iPhone software update from Monday was mostly to handle issues with dropped calls on new iPhone 3G handsets. According to an Associated Press article, the update "improved communication with 3G networks," said Apple spokesperson Jennifer Bowcock.

However, some Macworld commenters are saying the update hasn't helped with dropped calls, even in areas with a strong signal.

What's more, according to an AppleInsider rumor, another update is scheduled for September that addresses an issue where non-default applications will repeatedly crash. A tipster claims to have received a Steveogram saying the issue "is a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September." (Chairman Jobs is known to occasionally respond to complaint emails with terse but sympathetic notes.)

The crashing problem has remained unresolved so far, and it has resulted in large and angry Apple support discussions about the topic. Steve's one-line explanation may at least provide a target for users for when they can start using their iPhones as intended.