Guildwatch: Unknown withdrew... any chance of joining another guild

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.27.08

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Guildwatch: Unknown withdrew... any chance of joining another guild

Consider yourself lucky if you've never seen the sight above before -- it's the sign of a former guildleader yanking everything out of the guild bank (including all the stuff above and a good 12,000g) and transferring off to another server. Good times. This is why I usually keep all of my Hearts of Darkness under my mattress at home -- the banks just aren't safe.

This isn't the only guild leader ninja we heard about this week, and it's definitely not the only messy drama -- there's lots more right after you click the link below. Don't forget to send in your tips about drama, downed and recruiting news from around the realms to We really appreciate it, and lovers of drama of all kinds do too.

    • The Phoenix of Kul'Tiras, got hacked last week -- someone hacked into the GM's account, disenchanted all the gear and emptied the guild's banks, and then disbanded the whole thing. Hearts of Darkness were saved (they'd been distributed for the Shahraz fight), and Blizzard restored most of the GM's items, but most of the guild bank items and gold are gone for good. The name is, too -- they reformed as Ashes to Ashes, and folks from the guild and around the server are working to get them back up and running. Shame that something like that can happen, but good to see people banding together afterwards.
    • Did you guys know that in the last patch, Blizzard added a special scroll that gives you the ability to tell others how to act in game? Apparently it drops from Kil'jaeden, and Balance of EU Grim Batol got it on the first try, because they posted a long screed on the forums bragging about the kill and telling everybody else off. We know, we know, they're getting hostility from EX, and both guilds are to blame. But showing up on the forums to air all your grievances and brag about winning? Bad form. Let your kills speak for themselves.
    • Ajek is apparently an old face on Sisters of Elune -- he was a kid that really, really wanted to tank some T6 content, so he pestered all the guilds' main tanks and begged many times to be allowed to tank. He never got the chance on SoE, so he went off to Unholy Aura on Whisperwind, where they finally let him tank some T6. And then he came back to brag, and to show all the "elitist" doubters that he could do it. Except... he couldn't. Later on in the thread (when Dorrigan shows up), it turns out he got kicked/gquit from Unholy Aura, even after grabbing some of their farm loot, because he was such a terrible tank. Long story short -- Ajek's a troll of the highest order. He's extremely proud he scammed his way into T6 gear, but he never actually learned to play along the way. Better ignored than bothered by, in our humble opinion.
    • Pickpocketing drama! The original post of this thread got baleeted (though you can still find it in quotes farther down), but here's what happened. Rogue runs an instance with a guy's GL, pickpockets off of a mob, and gets a junkbox which has a Spinesever inside of it. Rogue gets all excited, says the item's worth about 2000g on the AH (true), and the GL says hey, wait a minute, we should all roll on it. Rogue protests (but eventually gives up the loot, strangely), and then still gets punished -- GL says no loot for two weeks for "causing loot drama in a heroic." You want our opinion, the GL is completely out of line. Rogue got lucky, that was his loot to get, and the GL is a jerk not only for taking the loot (if I was that Rogue, no way I would have given it up, even if I'd had to find another guild), but for then punishing the Rogue afterwards.
    • The GM of Illuminaughty on Muradin ninja'd the guild bank and split with his girlfriend (screenshot of the withdrawals above). He got 12,000g out of the guild bank, and 80 Hearts of Darkness and easily 50 epic gems or more, not including all the shards, Voids, patterns and cards that were in there. They were the second most progressed guild on the server before this -- hopefully word will get around about these two and they won't find themselves guilded ever again.
    • Sunwell PuG ninja! I'm surprised we haven't seen more of these. Here's the ninja's response. And he's also still trying to get into a high-level guild (so he can ninja from an actual guild?).
    • Here's some kids arguing over a mob in the beta. Aren't you glad these guys are in there while you're not?
    • Euphoric on Hyjal-A asked a Mage to sit out on Illidan Council this week so they could bring in a healer, and he was not happy with the decision. When he threatened to quit, they saved him the trouble and /gkicked him. Here's him nerd raging. We don't disagree that getting asked to sit out sucks, but when you've been geared up to T6 by a guild, the least you can do is sit out a fight and the guild can make it up to you later. In other news, Euphoric downed Illidan Council, and are recruiting two Shadow Priests, a Feral Druid, two Resto Shaman, and a BM or Survival Hunter. No Mages, strangely enough.
    • GM Oluf of Hillbilly Rockstars on Baelgun also ninja'd his guild bank. Despite his apologies, guild members are not happy.
    • Resisted on Firetree broke up due to drama, and in a first, they actually said they wanted to be featured on Guildwatch. Wish granted.
    • Knights of the Legion on EU Draenor have dropped Gorefiend. Good -- after that guy tricked me into resurrecting him, I'm glad someone is avenging my stupidity.
    • Imperium of Daggerspine has downed Vashj and went 4/5 Hyjal the same weekend. Grats! Kael's on notice for next time.
    • Savage Maidens on Uldaman-H turned two years old last week. Very nice! They celebrated, we're told, by raiding Alliance towns with pitchforks. They're also recruiting, so if you want to have some fun, look them up.
    • Obsidian on Crushridge-A finished off the Eredar Twins on their second night trying -- M'uru is going on notice, and here's hoping they get 'er done, because they're fighting to be the top guild on the server. Very nice. They're also recruiting healing Priests if you're interested.
    • Saga of EU Steamwheedle Cartel-A has downed Zul'jin for the first time! Grats! They're looking to fill out their 25mans -- check their website for details on how to apply.
    • Savage Arms on Ghostlands-H dropped Loot Reaver last week -- they're dropping Gruul and Mag weekly, as well as runs through Kara and ZA. They're also recruiting -- no major needs, but all dedicated raiders are welcome.
    • Nevermore on the Madoran dropped Mags off so he could play with the rest of the downed bosses. They had a few PuGs aboard, but were able to finish him off for the first time.
    • The Grubs of Arygos dropped Brutallus after some serious work. They even sent along a kill video: they say it's "man friendly," but I haven't seen it, so it may be NSFW. Plus, they're nearing their 10th anniversary as a guild. Very nice! I wonder what the oldest guild still playing MMOs is.
    • Hordecore on Echo Isles couldn't get Vashj, but Supremus and Shade fell to their might. I'm keeping Vashj on notice -- take that loot back there and take her out!
    • Centurian Order on Bael'gun downed Najen'tus for the first time. Supremus and Shade both dropped right after, breaking the drought of the summer for the guild.
    • Second Plague on Stormreaver-H took Illidan out for the first time ever. After several weeks of attempts, discouragements and drama, they rocked him like a hurricane. They flattened him like a steamroller. They took him out like chinese food.
    • Riders of the Rohirrim on Exodar-H has returned to raiding, and have cleared their way up to Curator (including a guild first kill of Maiden, and one shots on Wolf and curator). Illhoof, Shade, and Chess also got dropped later in the week. Very nice job. Immortal Incarnations also gave them some much appreciated help, and they're also recruiting 18 and above folks who are literate and "like kitties."
    • Hawaiians on Thaurissian took down Vashj in SSC, and have put Kael on notice. They are still recruiting more locals from Hawaii, and say "Mahalo" to everyone.
    • Paradise Oblivion on Azgalor-H stepped into BT, equipped with T6 gloves from recently downing Azgalor, and took down the first two bosses. Drama has made them replace their main tank, so Archi's next, but they'll get him when they're good and ready.
    • Good Riddance (server?) finished off Illy D. Grats!
    • Evolution of Moonrunner had a big week. Naj'entus, Supremus and Shade of Akama in Black Temple and Kaz'rogal in Hyjal all met their ends. Azgalor is on notice! They're also looking for another raiding Priest and a pimp Hunter.
    • Vengeance on EU Alonsus are finally 6/6 in ZA after dropping Zul'jin for the first time. Morogrim, Hydross, and Lurker are also downed, making them 2/4 in TK. They're looking for two Warlocks, a Shadow Priest, Shaman, Ret Pally, and a Boomkin.
    • The Departed of Kul Tiras has nabbed another server first on Eredar Twins. We hear members of the guild are being tested for performance enhancers.
    • Dire Beef on Dark Iron continues to serve up tasty entrees of former Outland Overlords with this week's guild first downing of Anetheron in Mount Hyjal. With SSC cleared, TK nearly cleared (making attempts on Kael) and making consistent progress on MH/BT they look forward to grilling their steaks in the Sunwell before the expansion hits.
    • Three guilds (Murderer, WTF is PVE, and QFT) got together on EU Stormscale and went after Prophet Velen, the leader of the Exodar. They wiped once and then took him out, but they only started there -- Darnassus fell (including Staghelm, woot, I hate that guy), and despite heavy resistance in Ironforge they finished off Mekkatorque and the PvP Battlemasters. Very nice job putting some War in Warcraft.
    • Vacuus Reformo finished off Kaz'rogal, just as we had predicted. Vashj is on notice for next time. And they're recruiting, too: a tree Druid.
    • After four long months of rebuilding the guild and getting new people geared up, Djörk on Dark Iron is proud to announce they are once again progressing after slapping all three of the Reliquary's faces. Mother is on notice and they said some very not-nice things about her that I won't reprint here.
    • Ethos on Steamwheedle Cartel-A had another eventful week. They downed Bloodboil, Mother Shahraz, and Illidari Council in the same week. Illy D is on notice for next time.
    • Defenders of Valhalla on Durotan-A downed Najentus and Supremus on their first try. Grats!
    • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H downed Solarian, making them 3/4 TK and 5/6 SSC. Rage Winterchill is on notice.
    • Heroes of Westeros and Drink Responsibly of Akama merged, and it worked: Gruul is down, and Mag got two-shotted. SSC and TK are now in their sights.
    • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A has taken up the mantle as top guild on the server and achieved a server first on the wingless pitlord himself, Brutallus. Next up, Nightbane's mommy... Felmyst!
    • Adults Only of Nordrassil-EU downed Al'ar the first time and are currently at 5/6 SSC and 2/4 TK. Astromancer is on notice.
    • Shard on EU Twilight's Hammer-H is recruiting raiders, specifically Mages but they will consider other applications based on their merit. They are currently 6/6 SSC, 3/4 TK, 4/5 MH, 3/9 BT and Illidan is going down before Wrath.
    • Hells Kitchen on Stonemaul, a casual raiding guild that has progressed into SSC, is recruiting fun, mature players who are ready to kick ass in preparation of Wrath, where they plan to run 5 mans together and then make big strides in 10 and 25 man raiding.
    • Core on EU Twilight's Hammer is a social raiding guild getting back to form after the summer. They're looking for Mages and Pallies to help them finish up MH and BT and beyond.
    • This one's a repeat: Phase Two on Staghelm (of the Ghostlands server, not Staghelm as the name made me think) is still looking for some experienced Hordies to fill out the ranks for 25-mans and eventually the expansion. They're a reroll guild, so they're experienced -- feel free to roll with them if you want to pick up right near the beginning of endgame.
    • The Impaler is a new casual guild on Blackrock starting up in Kara and moving on to Gruul and Mags. All classes and specs welcome, Heroics are being done as well.
    That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

    That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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