Mac 101: Dealing without iCards

Robert Palmer
R. Palmer|08.28.08

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Mac 101: Dealing without iCards

Apple has posted a nifty tip for Mail users who miss the discontinued iCards feature from .Mac: You can use Mail stationery to create an attractive card-like message with your own photos.

In a post on the Mobile Me blog (hey, it's not dead!), Apple says "'s like the old Make Your Own iCards feature on steroids, and a whole lot easier to use in the bargain."

For Leopard users, Mail comes with 30 email templates you can customize in lieu of sending an iCard. Personally, I think an email is better than an iCard anyway, what with all the greeting card spam that goes on.

You can use photos that you take with Photo Booth, for example, or pictures from iPhoto. Customize it with a clever note, and away you go.

If you don't have Leopard or still want to use an online greeting card site, there are plenty to choose from.

(And if you like our series for beginners, Mac 101, there's much more to learn.)

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