DivX finds a way into new LG, JVC & Vestel players

Another tradeshow, another chance for DivX to add juice to its symphony of new consumer hardware. Listen closely so your attention's undivided as the first DivX HD-compatible DVD player from a major manufacturer, the LG DVS450H, stands ready to play back full length HD flicks from disc or USB flash drive. Turkish manufacturer Vestel is back to straighten the facts, introducing the first DivX-capable STB for Europe in the t5000. It's still undergoing DivX certification, but promises a firmware update should be the only thing needed to ensure complete compatibility. JVC steps up to make the people unite with its first Blu-ray player, the NX-BD3, carrying DLNA and DivX certs to acquire content via wired or wireless networks, and play back DivX files from DVD or CD after it goes on sale in September.

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