Panasonic reveals hefty prices, inner secrets of new DMB-BD35 and DMP-BD55 Blu-ray players

A spec sheet is well and good (and trust us, these spec sheets are that), but when we're talking Blu-ray players it's really becoming a question of price: when will they drop? Well, if these Europe prices for the DMB-BD35 and DMB-BD55 from Panasonic are any indication, Panasonic's answer is "not yet." The BD35 is being priced at 399 Euro, while the BD55 will go for 499 Euro. Our guess is the conversion rates ($588 and $735, respectively) won't apply here when these get shipped over to the States, but even at $399 and $499 these well-specced players aren't doing themselves any favors in a Blu-ray market dominated by the PS3. There's really nothing to say about actual "hands-on" impressions of these two, though we would like to say that we scoured Panny's booth for the DMR-BR360V Blu-ray / VHS combo and were sad to come away empty handed, our tattered copy of "Titanic" unwatched.