Sony's Bravia ZX1 not US bound, possibly Amimon pre-WHDI based

We're got a tipster telling us that Sony's new 9.9-mm thin, wireless Bravia ZX1 is absolutely, without a doubt, based on Amimon's WHDI (pre-standard) wireless technology. Not surprising given Sony's and Amimon's collaborative effort to make WHDI a proper standard. Still, when we asked Sony, they gave us a sly grin followed by a, "no comment." Sony was willing to confirm a "guaranteed" 1080i transmission at a range of up to 20-meters. Amimon, on the other hand, can transmit 1080p / 30fps at distances up to 30-meters, you know, just as long as you're not separating devices with a wall of Kevlar and Kryptonite. Sony also told us that we can expect the thinster to land in Euroland before Xmas, but not the US where it would seem they have a different, non-integrated wireless model prepping for release. We'll see at CES in January if not earlier.