Jumpgate Evolution lore: The Bleakstone Sector is rather bleak

The official Jumpgate Evolution website is periodically updated with lore and fiction articles about places in the Jumpgate universe. They reveal information about the game's setting and back story, but they're also detailed enough that they shed some light on what gameplay will be like in the sector in question.

The latest of these articles is about the Bleakstone Sector, an inner sector that's every bit as harsh and dangerous as the sectors in the outer frontier. In a binary star system, the planet Bleakstone gives off a radiant glow thanks to the minerals and chemicals on its surface. But that glow is a dangerous siren's call, as the atmosphere is extremely hot and toxic. One domed mining facility and a few outposts in space are the only evidences of humankind in this hostile region of space.

There's also a faux news report about a violent attack by The Inferno on the colonists who inhabit the sector.