Swallowable microgrippers could make surgery more / less invasive

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.01.08

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While the scientists that developed these newfangled ingestible microgrippers call them minimally invasive, we're not so sure that swallowing minuscule devices that can cut and grab tissue when chemically activated fits our definition of keyhole surgery. Nevertheless, tiny "handlike grippers" are currently being shown off to highly intelligent professionals in the medical realm, and if proven feasible, they could one day be used to perform biopsies from within. More specifically, the devices could reportedly "react to the biochemicals released by infected tissue by closing around the tissue, so that pieces can be removed for analysis." Yeah, we reckon this is a bit less painful than actually going under the knife, but the mere thought of having blade-wielding microorganisms floating around our innards spooks us just a wee bit. Go on, fling your "pansies!" this way -- we can take it.

[Via medGadget]
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