Guildwatch: "10 guilds kicked me in a row"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.03.08

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The above screenshot is a little hard to read, and for that we apologize. But it comes from Diablo of Stormscale -- apparently they had a healer who /afked in the middle of a raid for about 30 minutes, and when he got switched out of the raid for a Resto Shaman got a little testy. He says he's going to go do his dailies while he adds up the "pros and cons" of staying with the guild, and the GM solves his problem fast: "Here's the con." /gkick.

We have to admire that kind of quick decision making. After the break, more stories of guild drama and woe, and some good news, too -- downed reports and recruiting notices. Make sure to send in any guild news you see to, and click the link to see this week's GW.

  • Handlebarz walked away with the Dragonspine Trophy from a Gruul run, and when people called out his guild, Vital on Dark Iron, guildies show up to say that Handle wasn't in the guild any more. It was true, he'd even applied to another guild, and apparently someone from Vital showed up on that application to trash him as well. We don't know who started it -- Vital says Handlebarz was a bad guildie, he says they were a crappy guild. But we do know that even after he was kicked, Handle stole that trinket, Getting kicked due to guild drama doesn't give you the right to screw someone else over.
  • Prodigy of Llane, who gave us the "25man raid lf24m" title way back when, has apparently rerolled again. As Preeminent, over on Medivh. Our tipster says they move from server to server picking up loot and then ditching guildies when the loot stops coming.
  • Ten guilds kicked me in a row, and exams are about to start, so I need an answer fast. What? Requiem of EU Arathor is full on Hunters? Time for me to go nuts!
  • Vision on EU Turalyon had a little dustup and ended up /gkicking the guy who ran their webserver. Not a great decision, though, if you want to keep your webserver running.
  • This drama thread about The Firm on Ravencrest is mesmerizing. At the center of it is a story that's not all that great: the guildleader is on extended vacation, and the guild is just kind of disintegrating, but all of the nastiness coming out of it is pretty incredible to watch.
  • Audacity on Sentinels-A has been going through a rough patch lately -- the GM passed off control of the guild to Eluithyin, who then demoted the GM and his girlfriend to not even officer status. Since then, several healers have left, as well as others, and things are looking bad for the guild in general.
  • Unfortunately, the OP deleted his post on this thread (it's still in quotes farther down the page), so we don't know which guild did this (SnD?) but it's pretty sad -- the guy picked up a wand on a Sunwell trash run outside of the guild, and the next night, when the guild found out about it, they charged him DKP for it. That's right -- they charged him DKP for an item he got outside of a guild run. He also paid 3000g for the wand to win it from someone who beat him in a roll, but we don't really have a problem with that -- if you have the money to do it, more power to you. But charging DKP for an item won completely outside of anything your guild does for you? Someone in SnD is on a power trip, and they should turn that car right around and go home.
  • Poor Horror on Exodar can't seem to shake his reputation. He ninja'ed a bunch of stuff from the guild bank of Resolute, and then tried to blame his actions on his "little brother" -- a classic MMO ploy. Then he tried to get into a new guild with a name change, but it didn't even get a few posts in before he got called out. We wonder if he knew what the consquences would be when he first grabbed the stuff -- did he think after the "little brother" thing that people would happily let him back into the endgame?
  • Unfortunately, the forum posts all got deleted, but lots of people emailed us about the story of Kayleepearl (a guy playing a female character) and Savannahmarie of Elune, who apparently played WoW together while in a real life relationship, and eventually had a kid together. Except, as the story goes, Savannah eventually decided she'd be happier with some other guys from the guild, left Kaylee and the kid, and then there was some account stealing, guild drama, and lots of other shenanigans. Kaylee's RL mom apparently even showed up in the thread to defend her son and what a good kid he is. In our humble opinion, it's probably all fake, but it's too bad the threads were deleted. They'd probably make for some good reading.
  • Careful where you post your recruitment notices. If they end up on the wrong realm, the peanut gallery could eat you alive.
  • Star Onion Brigade/Will Wipe You On Galv of Muradin has killed Felmyst. Grats!
  • Two Percent (Uldaman-H) had their Zul'Aman team drop Zul'jin, and then just three days later finished off Hydross with help from Midnight Bunny Brigade. Nice job.
  • Harvest on Velen-H downed Kael'thas for a Server Horde second, finishing off T5. They followed up with a one-shot of Rage -- they did it the old way, where you kill SSC and TK off before moving on.
  • Midnight on Suramar got the power up and won the game. They killed off Kil'jaeden for a server first, clearing all content until the expansion. Woot!
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon finally downed Lady Vashj for a full clear in SSC, added Anetheron to
    their list of pwns, and 2-shot High Warlord Naj'entus on their first time in BT. Supremus is on notice for next time.
  • Nocturnal on Nordrassil-H downed both Kael'Thas and Archimonde. They also dropped Kazzak on just a whim -- Gorefiend, you better hope they don't come for you next.
  • Malleum Majorem of Lightning's Blade downed 2 new bosses for the first time last week, after only 2 nights of attempts on each. Leotheras and Fathom Lord Karathress both bit the dust. Vashj is on notice for next time, and our tipster sends a shoutout to Arkanil for some valuable leadership.
  • Clarity on EU Darkspear has carried on their T6 progression after downing Rage Winterchill a few weeks ago and have now moved onto Black Temple and downed Naj'entus and Supremus. Anatheron is now on notice, look out!
  • Nothing Else Matters on EU Draenor finished off Maggy and Hex Lord for the first time last week. Zul'jin is on notice.
  • Horde Hit Squad on EU Mazrigos downed Kalecgos after some stressful months of having lost players, then having to gear more up in BT/Hyjal. Nice comback.
  • Team Hippo on EU Ghostlands finally dropped Archimonde for the first time the other night. They had two hours left, so they went into BT and finished off Bloodboil, too, making them the third Horde guild on the server to do so. Not bad.
  • OverRaided (winner of this week's Best Guild Name) on the Zul'jin server downed the Reliquary of Souls and have Bloodboil on deck for a battering. They're also actively recruiting Shadow Priests, Restoration Shaman and a Warlock.
  • Horde Defense League downed Prince in their second guild venture into Kara. They're also seeking a few more fun, drama-free players to raid 10 mans and heroics (which means they're staying away from 25mans, but plan to go to the endgame with 10 people in Wrath).
  • Ramp on EU Darksorrow-A started up 25 man raiding last week after an extended summer break and have downed Naj'entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama and Gorefiend within three days. Very nice job.
  • Casual Raiders of EU Chromaggus downed Azgalor, Najentus, Supremus, and Shade of Akam. Archi is on notice, and then they're headed back to finish off Vashj and Kael. Also recruiting a Feral Druid, Hunter, and an Enhance Shaman.
  • Innovation on Aerie Peak-H finished off Archimonde less than a week after besting the Illidari Council. Now just the emo demon himself, Illy D, stands between them and Sunwell.
  • Knights Templar and Resolution on the Boulderfist server downed Leotheras. The two guilds have formed an alliance and have been raiding The Eye, SSC, and Mt. Hyjal for several months. Grats!
  • Edge of Insanity on Bloodhoof has resumed Sunwell progress, downing Brutallus. They're back from summer vacation and recruiting a few mature raiders -- check their website for needs or to apply. They're headed towards KJ and they want you.
  • Savage Arms (Ghostlands-H) continues to roll through Tier 5 by downing Hydross. Tidewalker is on notice, and they're also recruiting dedicated raiders who will commit to improving themselves and progressing with the guild.
  • Pango Honoratus on Twisting Nether-H downed Zul'Jin after a couple weeks of attempts. Grats!
  • Full Circle of Sentinels downed Vashj, clearing SSC for good. Very nice job.
  • Legacy of the Sun on Ravenholdt finally went back and killed off Kael. Grats on cleaning up, now get back to BT and finish that, too.
  • it was lag, a late night Horde guild on the server Kalecgos, took down Kael. Grats.
  • Relentless Few is currently 8/9 in BT and they expect to kill Illidan this week.
  • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H one-shotted Rage Winterchill last week, and put Anetheron on notice this week Shout out to Thecrazyman for tanking the last 3% all the way home.
  • Balance of Judgement (EU Darkmoon Faire-A) downed Halazzi last week with allies Trailblazers, Beyond Redemption and Y Ddraegau. Jan'Alai is on notice for next time.
  • Adults Only of Nordrassil-EU downed Solarian for the first time and seeing how easy she was decided to give A'lar and Loot Reaver a spanking for good measure. They ended the evening with a quick peek at Kael'thas, getting to phase 2 -- we're putting him on notice for next time.
  • Djork continues its progression revival by downing Mother Shahraz the first night they attempted her. It might take a little more work, but Council is on notice. Good luck!
  • Systematically Insane is currently recruiting players geared for BT/Hyjal raiding. Class openings include Druids (all 3 specs), Mages, Shadow Priests, Resto Shaman, and Prot Warriors.
  • Malefic of Anvilmar is currently looking for experienced raiders. They plan on raiding seriously when Wrath of the Lich King comes out so to prepare they are getting a 25 man raiding team set up before the expansion hits. They are currently looking for mature people who are ready to move on to 25 man content. They are in need of Mages, and Warlocks, as well as healers.
  • Cyaraias on Moon Guard is an all 70 raiding guild that is merely needing a few tanks to start up Karazhan. Please have DBM, Omen, and Vent installed, and be mature and ready to have fun raiding, off specs welcome.
  • Made in Sweden is a fairly old, all Swedish guild, that is now recruiting again. After a summer break, and some people leaving for other guilds, they say they want more members to get back into 25-man raiding. They're faming Kara every week and progressing in ZA, but are only accepting players who can speak/understand Swedish fluently and are 18 years or older.
  • Restless Natives on EU Hellfire are recruiting for more casual raiders to fill out 10-man content runs (Kara and ZA clear), in particular healers, the lack of which has stopped progression into 25-man content. With a focus on recruitment of players and not characters, and a refusal to lower the criteria of friendliness just to get more bodies, they want more like-minded people to come and play!
  • Mark of Honor of The Forgotten Coast-A is currently recruiting any DPS as well as Tankadins and Healadins. They're clearing Gruul's lair regularly and working through ZA and Mags. Kara is being farmed weekly and they're willing to help gear you through that content, but they hope to be in SSC soon.
  • Diablo of Stormscale is searching for Feral Druids, 1700DPS survival Hunters, enhance/elemental Shamans and 1700DPS Warlocks. They are 6/6 ZA/ 6/6 SSC / 3/4 TK / 4/5 MH / 5/9 BT, and seek players who meet requirements, and who are preferably experienced to an equal or greater level of progression.
  • Eternal Blaze on Exodar is recruiting some DPSers.
  • Ivory Tower (Llane-H) has recently added quite a few people from a disbanded guild on the Llane server and are looking for another guild to form an alliance to run 25 man content in addition to form/fill in spots for farming badges/loots from Kara and ZA. Contact their officers to set up raid rules and times.
  • Past Tense of EU Bronzebeard is recruiting. They're a late night raiding guild (11 pm raids) doing BT and Hyjal and are looking for mature people to join up. Healers needed.
  • Carpe Imperium (Malfurion-A) is currently recruiting for raiding and PVP. They accept fun, team oriented, mature players with level 70 characters, and are most interested in: tanks, healers, enhancement shamans, shadow priests, balance druids, beast master hunters, and combat rogues.
  • Atrocity is an Alliance guild on Frostwolf that is actively seeking new members for the upcoming launch of Wrath of the Lich King. They are hoping to establish a strong base of players for the leveling rush, and ultimately, raiding.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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