Barrens Chat: Evolution revolution

Megan Harris
M. Harris|09.04.08

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Barrens Chat: Evolution revolution

I mentioned in an earlier strip that I greatly dislike the Recruit-a-Friend program in an earlier comic. Mainly because the last two people we could have possibly talked into playing World of Warcraft started playing long before the benefit was offered. Needless to say, we're helping them out the old fashioned way, which occasionally includes hopping on an alt and running around with them.

After the jump, I actually have more to babble about today.


The most recent example of this is when one of my friends asked me to come help her kill the rare basilisk in Thousand Needles, good ol' Ironeye. She found out the hard way she was still a few levels short of handling him alone, and I had left my work-in-progress Mage down in the area. I had forgotten how beautiful the Shimmering Flats are.

Needless to say, I saw opportunity where others see sand. I seem to be having a thing with tying strange movies to game references. However, with everything else Blizzard has done, can't you see them doing something like this?

Either way, I have my tablet working properly again. It's amazing that for some reason, every once in a while, hitting electronics in frustration actually makes it work. Who knows how much longer it will survive, but for now I was able to give the girl down the hall back her coloring utensils (which were not crayons, by the way, but good try). I did decide to go ahead and do this one by hand. The only problem I ran into was trying to figure out how to get the background in there. I haven't done it this way in so long, I'd forgotten all my tricks.

I don't know if I'll keep doing comics this way or not, it seems to take about the same amount of time, less frustration, but more erasers. We will see.

See you next week!
Barrens Chat is a weekly comic strip doesn't always stick to the Barrens area. From Outland's emo oozes, to the great halls of Stormwind, this comic gets around. The writer is trying to get away from the focus on Horde and Hunters, so check back every week to see if the new Alliance cast member has shown up yet!
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