The story behind PAX's Ghostbuster lanyards

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Alexander Sliwinski
September 5th, 2008
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The story behind PAX's Ghostbuster lanyards

Ghostbusters: The Game may not have a publisher, and its fate may not be clear, but that didn't stop the title from being advertised on lanyards at PAX. Variety spoke to Penny Arcade's business guy, Robert Khoo, who said that Sierra signed to do the lanyards in January and sent them in June. It wasn't even until two weeks before the show that Sierra, the abused and neglected stepchild of Activision Blizzard, "pulled out of displaying Ghostbusters."

Khoo explains that there wasn't enough time to get a new lanyard provider, so even though Actilizzard isn't going to benefit from the promotion, they still paid the bill.
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