SI Radio hooks up with CoX's Back Alley Brawler

Adrian Bott
A. Bott|09.06.08

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SI Radio hooks up with CoX's Back Alley Brawler
With the initial wave of discussion following the announcement of City of Heroes Issue 13: Architect beginning to die down, SI Radio pokes the fire with an interview from PAX. In the spotlight is Back Alley Brawler, aka CoX Senior Animator Christopher Bruce. The interview's not all that long, but fortunately interviewer Chris 'Chaotica' Carkner is on the ball and asks pertinent questions.

BaB ends forum speculation by explaining what Pain Domination will entail. This set, the villainous counterpart of the heroes' Empathy, is being tailored specifically in order to offer parallel benefits in zone PvP to what Empathy offers. It has long been a complaint of villains that they don't have anything comparable to Empathy's buffs when fighting in the level 20-30 PvP zone Siren's Call. Since it's received wisdom in some quarters that the developers not only hate PvP but hate Villains, we wonder what impact this latest announcement will have.

Another intriguing snippet is the suggestion, possibly unintended, that story arcs may offer merits as a reward. If true, this could make Ouroboros arcs worth doing for something other than just the fun of the story or the badges. Christopher Bruce is clearly keen to give out useful information despite restrictions on what can be talked about right now (Castle has also referred to an 'info lockdown' on the boards) so the interview's worth a listen, or if you're so inclined, a read.
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