PlayStation goes to CAMP: Creator Audition Mash Up Project

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Andrew Yoon
September 15th, 2008
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PlayStation goes to CAMP: Creator Audition Mash Up Project

Have you ever wanted to make games? For many, it's just a pipe dream. However, PlayStation has just launched a new search for talent in its Creator Audition Mash Up Project, or CAMP for short. They're looking for enthusiastic innovators to bring forth more unique games to the PS3/PSP. The audition is open to people of all ages and races ... so long as they live in Japan.

The application is rather flexible, but it must effectively show your skills and your unique, innovative idea. Do what Dylan Cuthbert and Q-Games did with the PixelJunk series: use graphics to help convey what's bubbling in your brain.

Check out the PlayStation CAMP website for more information. Who knows -- you may become the creator of the next innovative PlayStation project!

[Thanks, chocito!]

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