Bandai's Luminodot: 1,600 glass pegs for your child to swallow

Bandai's Luminodot is a godsend for the light peg artiste looking to take his work to the next level. What we have here is essentially an updated Lite-Brite with over twice the resolution (read: pegs) of the original. Just like Hasbro's classic toy, several design templates are included with the kit -- and if you're feeling creative, there is an online template generator that will render your own designs to PDF. Also included with the kit are 1,600 pegs in twelve colors (or about half of what you will need to fill up the Luminodot's 70 x 50, 3,500 peg display -- you can order additional pegs on their website). But the most impressive feature is probably the LED backlighting: in addition to lighting the pegs, the Luminodot has twenty-five preprogrammed animated sequences. As with most toys this cool, Luminodot is only available in Japan -- though we have seen at least one for sale on eBay. Video after the break.

[Via technabob]