DJ Max Fever will also get limited edition run, DLC

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Andrew Yoon
September 15th, 2008
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DJ Max Fever will also get limited edition run, DLC

The DJ Max games in Korea received some ridiculously cool, and expensive, limited edition sets (pictured, above). Looks like the upcoming US release of DJ Max Fever will follow suit. However, it may be hard to find at your local retailer. Michael Yum from PM Studios explained to Bemanistyle: "We are currently working on the limited edition package. Being a new publisher, it is very hard for us to get commitments from retailers on the limited edition."

Game Director Ki In Kim also added that DLC may be in the works for Fever. "Downloadable content is something we are planning right now." Considering the success of DLC for music games on consoles, we think that's a pretty smart idea.

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