Forum post of the day: I'm just not that into you

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|09.17.08

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Forum post of the day: I'm just not that into you

Tymestryker of Aerie Peak is frustrated because players are leaving his guild. Despite his loyalty to the guild and the effort he's put into the guild, he's facing some significant churn. His guild, though apparently a friendly, social place lacks in endgame experience. He seems to be taking it personally that people are leaving for guilds in endgame progression. He feels that others should share his loyalty.

Many responders pointed out that heart only goes so far in World of Warcraft, but there's a lot more to the game. Most successful guilds have a purpose, maybe doing regular raids or being the best they can be at PvP. Some suggested that the original poster chose not to take the situation personally.

I've bounced around to a number of guilds in my two and a half years of WoW experience. I've left a guild for insulting my (now ex) boyfriend. I've left over drama , discomfort and boredom. I feel bad for leaving when someone has made a genuine effort to help me. I just can't bring myself to stay in a guild that fails to mesh with my goals and personality. I'm currently in a guild on a new server that I'm trying to help gain some momentum in preparation for the next endgame.

What do you look for in a guild and what drives you away?

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