Caption Contest: PC fixer destroys Geek Squad Beetle, phones for tech support

Comically enough, we already knew that Geek Squad employees took a few liberties with their company car, but this is a debacle. Can you imagine how enraged the poor sap is who was expecting this fool? They probably took a vacation day just to stay home and overpay for some potentially dodgy PC fixer to remove a virus. For shame.

Chris: "Late at night -- well after their shifts end -- testosterone-crazed Geek Squad and Firedog employees meet in alleyways across the nation for dangerous games of chicken that all too often end in tragedy."
Paul: "Did you unplug it and then plug it back in? Look mom, I'm a little busy right now..."
Joe: "Geez... it's called multi-tasking!"
Darren: "Hey there Brad from Circuit City! About that job ad on Craigslist..."
Don: "But sir, the GPS said I was going the right way."
Sean: "Naw, really, I just scuffed up the paint on the bumper and lost the hubcap, the MRI disk is still secure."
Nilay: "Hello... is it possible to retroactively buy that $29.95 PRP plan?"
Josh F.: "So I think we figured out the problem with your laptop. Looks like someone dropped it."

[Thanks, DS]