Reminder: Fracture demo, Burnout bikes go live today

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|09.18.08

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Reminder: Fracture demo, Burnout bikes go live today

The hardest of hardcore among you probably have this marked on your calendar, but, in case you've forgotten, allow us to remind you that the demo for LucasArts' terraforming action game Fracture and "Burnout Paradise Bikes," which ... adds bikes ... to Burnout Paradise, both go live on Xbox Live and PSN today.

To help us stay well below our Comcast 250 GB limit, we'd like to humbly suggest these two products be merged into one. "Earthosaur: The Terraforming Bike: The Game," puts you, Det. Dirk Dangerstein behind the handlebars of Earthosaur, a bike that has the power to shift the very earth it prowls like a silent, prowling fox. ... Also, the bike is possessed by your ex-partner, who was killed in a gangland shootout. ... And it can transform into a robot dinosaur.

How about it, Silicon Valley? How about it?
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