X-Files: I Want To Believe is Fox's first BD-Live title

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.20.08

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X-Files: I Want To Believe is Fox's first BD-Live title
If you plunked down the extra coin to get yourself a BD-Live-enabled deck, you can look forward to having one more BD-Live-enabled title to enjoy come December. Fox Home Entertainment has announced that its very first BD-Live enhanced film will be The X-Files: I Want To Believe, which will take advantage of the web-connected functionality with "exclusive features, games, additional content and connectivity to other BD-Live users and X-Files fans nationwide." The X-Files Dossier will allow users to "create their own Special Agent avatar that can browse through Agent Dakota Whitney's case files on clairvoyance and post their own notes and theories to her files online and download other profiles directly to their BD player memory files." Fun, right? Make your choice on 12/2 when it hits shelves (with Digital Copy, no less) for $39.99 MSRP.
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