DIS reveals 9-megapixel camera module for mobile phones

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.22.08

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DIS reveals 9-megapixel camera module for mobile phones
We've seen 10-megapixel cameraphones. We've seen 8-megapixel cameraphones. But if you've been holding out for that oh-so-elusive 9-megapixel cameraphone, the wait is just about over. Digital Imaging Systems (DIS) has chosen Photokina 2008 to reveal its 9-megapixel (CMOS) DIS6931 camera module for mobile phones, which provides features such as auto-focus, a mechanical shutter and ND-filter with integrated actuators. Best of all, samples of the unit are shipping out right now, while volume production is on track for Q4 2008. Hey, handset makers -- can we get some attention on this, please?

[Via UnwiredView]
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