Clips updated to 1.1

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.29.08

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Clips updated to 1.1

Clips is a relatively new application (designed by our friend Nicholas Penree and his cohorts at Conceited Software, who also sell Linkinus) designed to kick your clipboard into overdrive -- it'll let you keep track of any and all clips even across applications, Spaces, and even different Macs. The screencast gives a pretty good idea of just how capable it is, and while it seems just a tad bit too complicated for a user like me (I mostly just stick to the browser, and Quicksilver's shelf gives me pretty good access to all the reusable bits I need), it definitely seems like the kind of program that finds its way into your workflow: the more you use it, the more uses you'll find for it.

Plus, they've just released Clips 1.1, with a bevy of new features -- Abbreviations are now live (they'll expand as you type them, like Text Expander), you can use hot corners to invoke the program, video URLs are now supported (along with Amazon and IMDb URLs), and you can rename clips through a contextual menu (that last one might sound boring, but have you tried it yet?). The application is $34.99 (though hurry to get that price -- it may go up on October 1st), and there's a 15-day free trial.

And hey, if you don't want to buy it quite yet, just wait a bit -- Conceited has given TUAW a few giveaway copies to pass on to you readers, so stay tuned for your chance to pick it up right here.
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