Say Hello to the new TUAW

Victor Agreda Jr
V. Jr|09.29.08

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Victor Agreda Jr
September 29th, 2008
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Say Hello to the new TUAW

Almost four years ago, went live with a flurry of posts by future superblogger extraordinaire Barb Dybwad. Sporting our "default" theme at the time, The Unofficial Apple Weblog's design evolved into what you see today: a Mac-inspired theme with an upbeat, colorful logo. In the interim we've seen Apple bust out a few new product categories and drop the "computer" from the company moniker. It wasn't that long ago that the rainbow logo went out, and the sleeker monochrome logo came in.

As Apple evolves, so does TUAW. I'm proud to announce something we've been working on (along with the iPhone-tuned for a while now: the new design and logo.

We hope this helps you, as readers, find what you're looking for quickly. Big stories will appear up top, plus our popular categories such as Mac 101 and our ongoing App Store coverage. There's even the no-iPhone page, where you may read TUAW 99%-free of any iPhone coverage, if that's the way you choose to roll. We've added breaking stories and featured stories to the right, so when releases appear in Software Update or we review new stuff, you'll see it after it moves off the front page. Our handy Tip of the Day keeps you informed, and our AAPL stock widget keeps you happily up-to-date with the markets (or sadly up-to-date, depending).

Other features include our TUAW videos from WWDC and Macworld, courtesy of the Truveo widget (the videos are also reachable via the iPhone/iPod touch Truveo search app). Our TUAW Flickr pool is back, so tag any Apple-related posts "TUAW" (no quotes) to have them magically appear. We hope you enjoy our improved comment UI for iPhone use, and the re-appearance of our tag cloud and comment stats.

Thanks for reading TUAW! We have no idea what the next four years hold in store for Apple, but we'll be among the first to report, analyze and dissect it.

UPDATE: Former TUAWian Laurie Duncan points out TUAW's punk rock roots back when we were Indeed, thank you Laurie!
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