ASUS N10 "netbook" gets reviewed

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We were suitably impressed by ASUS's netbook moniker-defying N10 when we got our hands on it earlier this month, and it seems to at least be able to hold its own with Call of Duty 4, but if you're looking for a bit more information to inform your potential purchase, you may want to hit up the link below to check out Mobile Computer's full review of the ultraportable. As you might expect, they were especially impressed by the N10's performance compared to standard netbooks, but they're a bit perplexed as to exactly what the target audience for it is, describing it as an "interesting technological exercise," but one that sits uncomfortably between traditional netbooks and regular Core 2 Duo-based laptops and ultraportables. Still, we're guessing the N10's uniqueness alone will win it a few admirers, and if that $700 price tag ever gets knocked down, it'd no doubt have plenty more.

[Thanks, Michael A]
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