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Priest changes and glyphs in Wrath beta patch 9014

Alex Ziebart
Alex Ziebart|October 1, 2008 9:00 AM
Last night's Wrath beta patch wasn't a very large one, but it did bring a few changes for just about everyone. Priests had some of the more boring changes, but let's take a look regardless.
  • Holy Nova's mana cost is now 25% of base mana, originally 33% of base mana.
Decent enough change. Holy Nova's mana cost has always been a bit absurd considering how small the numbers it puts out are.
This is another good change, meant to make Imp Inner Fire more accesible to Shadow Priests. Originally, Improved Inner Fire was pitched to swap with Improved Power Word: Shield, but that would cause talent allocation issues for PvP Shadow Priests while fixing it for PvE Shadow Priests. Losing Improved Fortitude in PvE is pretty lame, but probably the better swap in the end. Again, a good change. The old version tended to not really prevent a gib at all.
  • Twisted Faith's typo has been fixed. As stated previously, it will work while Shadow Word: Pain is on the target, not Mind Flay.
  • Glyph of Fading - Reduces the mana cost of your Fade spell by 30%, instead of the old 50%.
  • Glyph of Spirit of Redemption - All heals cast while Spirit of Redemption is active have a 20% changes to increase the remaining duration of Spirit of Redemption by 5 seconds. Originally 20 seconds.
Wow, that's a big cut. I think everyone in the entire world expected this one, though. Even people who don't play WoW. An extra 20 seconds is huge, even if it could only proc once, and I'm not sure that was the case. 5 seconds will let you get in 2-3 heals you normally couldn't, so that's still pretty decent. 20 seconds was just insane.

Overall, I think this patch's changes were pretty decent. Not amazing, but not bad either. Some tough calls, but good and needed ones. Glad to see Guardian Spirit get a bit of a boost most of all, despite my personal affinity to the Shadow. Holy Priests needed more of a reason to use their GCD for that particular button in a pinch, instead of something else.

[ Unofficial patch notes via MMO-Champion ]