Free Radical asks us to vote on TimeSplitters 4 platform

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Free Radical asks us to vote on TimeSplitters 4 platform

Free Radical, the folks behind the TimeSplitters games and former Rare employees responsible for GoldenEye 007, have tossed up a poll on their website asking one and all which platform they'd like to see TimeSplitters 4 release on. We all know it's coming, they know we know and now are asking us which system we prefer? At the time of writing this post, it looks like more people would like to see the thing release on PS3, but the system isn't winning by that much.

If you want TimeSplitters 4 on Wii, we'd suggest you head over there and make your voice heard. If you don't know what TimeSplitters 4 is, then we suggest you play all of the previous games or, in the least, the best title in the series. We just hope the new game still has a level editor.

Oh, and they also have some artwork up on their site, featuring a cat on wheels and one hot chainsaw-toting nun.

[Thanks, hvnlysoldr!]
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