Rumorang: Xbox 360 external Blu-ray drive ready, waiting

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Rumorang: Xbox 360 external Blu-ray drive ready, waiting
Aw, and we were just starting to miss our Blu-box graphic ... Sure enough, after several months of peaceful bliss, here we are again on the verge of an Xbox 360 Blu-ray announcement! Or not. Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp. (not to be confused with plain old "Toshiba Corp.," which is apparently "strictly against Blu-ray") has allegedly been contracted to manufacture an external Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360, reports X-bit labs. The drives are rumored to retail at around $100 to $150 in an attempt to cut into PlayStation 3 sales (combine a $150 drive with the Xbox 360 Arcade, for example, and the total cost would be $350).

X-bit labs speculates Microsoft may launch the external drive this holiday, but with reportedly low sales, Blu-ray could likely wait until a proper CES unveiling. Still, we've got TGS popping off in mere hours and Blu-ray's clock ticking down every day. No time to waste then?
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