Elmo Live! gets hands-on video review, which is as close as you'll get without eBay

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.13.08

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The characters over at RobotsRule managed to snag one of the rare review units of the new Elmo Live!, and according to them, the standard order they placed last week has already been canceled by Toys R Us. In other words, this hands-on video review really may be as close as you get to this intelligent ball of fur without forking out wads of cash. Based on the four minutes we get to share with Fisher-Price's latest cash, um, cow, it's easy to see how crazy awesome this thing will seem to your youngster. He recognizes when he has fallen over and begs for help, he goes bonkers when you squeeze his nose and he tells stories and jokes while moving in a fashion that's more "lifelike" than ever. Heck, it even puts itself to sleep to save batteries should your youngin' get called away for chores. All that aside, the best part is Elmo's attempt to bust rhymes, scat and get your kid jumpin' -- seriously, check it out at the 1:15 mark after the break.

[Via RobotsRule]

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