$150 Blu-ray players destined for Black Friday?

Could it be? Could we really see stacks upon stacks of Profile 1.1 (and maybe one or two Profile 2.0) Blu-ray players flying into carts on Black Friday? According to sources speaking with the typically reliable Fudzilla, that's exactly what we'll see -- well, if people think $150 is a low enough threshold. We're told that some of the older units (think Samsung's recently discounted BD-P1500, Funai's NB500 and Sony's BDP-S300) could be seen for as low as $150 as manufacturers attempt to clear out old inventory and make room for the Profile 2.0 push during the holidays. Our take? It makes sense. Another holiday season with only the hardcore movie buffs buying into Blu-ray won't be any good for disc sales in 2009 -- BD adoption needs to pick up, and this sounds like the perfect catalyst.

[Image courtesy of NielsPettersolberg]