HP threatening OEMs to fend off netbook invasion?

Get ready for some legal mastication. According to DigiTimes' manufacturing sources, HP -- the world's leading supplier of PCs -- is said to be demanding that its manufacturing partners "refuse outsourcing orders from ASUStek." HP apparently "sent out a notice" to its partners threatening to reduce its own outsourcing volume for anyone who violates the demand. It's worth noting that DigiTimes offers no evidence of HP's demand and its sources can be hit or miss in the industry. Having said that, DigiTimes has a very good track record related to leaks in the netbook industry. The allegation becomes all the more interesting on the heels of yesterday's Gartner report that shows HP slipping into second place behind Acer in Europe due to Acer's strong continental netbook sales. While worldwide PC shipments rose 15 percent from last year thanks to a strong showing by both ASUS and Acer in the netbook segment, HP's share has remained stagnant at 18.4% of the total market. Perhaps it's time to reinstate that internal spying program to prepare for some anti-competitive practices litigation, eh HP?

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