Zut alors! MacBook announcement doesn't translate well

Robert Palmer
R. Palmer|10.15.08

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Zut alors! MacBook announcement doesn't translate well

Thanks to what appears to be a character encoding problem on a French version of the Apple website, the MacBook announcement -- meant to say "perfectly designed" in French -- came out reading "perfectly dumb" (or as one of our tipsters said, a more vulgar version of "perfectly poopy").

That wasn't the only problem: according to Macenstein, a Macgeneration article noted that the announcements were replete with spelling and grammatical errors. (Link is en français.)

The pages have since been updated with better grammar.

Unfortunately my decade-old high school French can't tell me what about the grammar is wrong, but hopefully our commenters can let us know by leaving a comment.

Thanks, Bertie and Fabrizio!

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