Massively's WAR Camp: Tier 3 Scenario Guides

William Dobson
W. Dobson|10.17.08

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Massively's WAR Camp: Tier 3 Scenario Guides
This week on the WAR Camp, we're hitting the scenarios again, and we're focusing on a couple of the offerings in Tier 3. In Tier 3, knockbacks really start to make a difference, with most classes by this point having received their knockback abilities. This allows for some new strategies in Tier 3 scenarios, and is reportedly the cause of a lot of keyboard-snapping and monitor-tossing, especially in a particular lava-ridden area -- you better believe it's one of the scenarios we checked out! Join us over the page to see the gallery guide from our trip to the molten rocks of Tor Anroc, and after that, we visit Talabec Dam for some bombing-run fun.
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Tor Anroc is one of the two High Elf/Dark Elf pairing scenarios that is available to Tier 3 players. It was played so often across all servers that Mythic decided to stop it from being the first scenario option displayed in Elf areas, but even with this change, it still seems to hold its place as the most commonly played Tier 3 option. How it manages to be the most played, while at the same time having a reputation for causing frustration and grief, is a bit of a mystery. Click on the button below to see why people are talking (and crying) about Tor Anroc, and head to the next page to check out one of the Empire/Chaos pairing scenarios, Talabec Dam.
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