Blu-ray releases on October 21st 2008

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|10.20.08

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Blu-ray releases on October 21st 2008
Sweeney Todd Blu-rayThe fourth quarter continues to hit on all cylinders for Blu-ray this week with yet another nice slate of titles. At the top of the list is two pretty good movies, Sweeney Todd and The Incredible Hulk. When Johnny Depp stars in a Tim Burton flick, it is almost always worth the cost of admission and at the same time, Edward Norton tries his hand at being the Hulk, and considering how bad the last Hulk movie was, and how Norton has never done a bad movie, it shouldn't disappoint. The remaining titles are just about all James Bond movies, as MGM releases all the classics on Blu, and in addition, Sony is double-dipping with Casino Royale. Looking ahead, there isn't that much to get excited about in the immediate future, but things do get rolling again in about a month when WALL-E hits in mid-November.

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