Verizon halts Glyde sales, says it has "an issue" (update: maybe not)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|10.26.08

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Verizon halts Glyde sales, says it has "an issue" (update: maybe not)

We're not sure if these are like intimacy issues, magazine issues, or technical issues, but Verizon has put out a vaguely-worded all points bulletin to its employees saying that the Glyde's somehow screwed up and should be pulled off shelves immediately. In fact, the situation's so bad that Big Red won't even let you have a Glyde back if you send one in for service -- they want to give you an enV2 in its place (though it says in the memo that customers throwing a hissyfit over the switcheroo can be provided with something else at the manager's discretion). There's no word beyond that on what the hell's going on, but we're told to expect more info shortly.

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Update: One important additional detail here -- this information was received in a Verizon customer service call center. It's not clear when (or if) corporate and third-party stores will receive the same story from the big wigs.

Update 2: We're still trying to get some official clarification from Verizon, but it seems that Glydes haven't been pulled. We still believe the screen shots we were provided to be authentic, though -- so it's not clear if Verizon changed its mind, hasn't yet pulled them, the stoppage was very brief, or this information only applies to certain departments or situations. We'll continue to update as we get more.

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