Face Visualizer project turns us all into meat puppets

Engadget Japan had the chance to sit down with sound artist, Daito Manabe, front man to the Face Visualizer designed by Masaki Teruoka and built by Katsuhiko Harada. No, the music is not controlled by facial contortions. Rather, Daito-san's face is twisted to the music via electrical-pulse stimulation -- 10 channels in total, 8 to control his facial expressions, 2 to keep the music and face in sync. Take away quote from our Q&A:

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Yes. Depends on the part, but it's like the stinging of needles. But the worst part is not the pain, some patterns deter my vision, sometimes I cannot breath. The pulse makes me see nonexistent white light, and green stripes.

Hot. Video and controlling machinery found after the break.