HP exiting LCD TV biz, killing MediaSmart HDTV line?

Chalk this one up as rampant speculation for now, but word on the street has it that HP may be fixing to axe its LCD TV business and kill the MediaSmart HDTV while it's at it. In taking a step back, it's easy to see how logical this move seems -- HP has never been a giant in the LCD HDTV arena, and its MediaSmart line serves an even smaller niche. Couple those facts with plummeting LCD prices and diminishing margins, and you've got yourself a pretty strong case to hit the eject button. If all of this pans out, it'll surely hurt Microsoft's chances of getting even more TV manufacturers to sell sets with Media Center Extenders built in, but at least those still on the hunt for a MediaSmart HDTV on the cheap would have an opportunity to find just that.

[Via ElectronicHouse]