Why Sony sells music videos on Xbox 360, not PS3

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Many of you should know that Sony makes far more than electronics. They're one of the largest distributors of media in the world, with their hand in Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony BMG. While the company has been trying to use its incredible library of assets across multiple divisions, the decisions of a few stubborn-headed executives have prevented such corporate synergy.

One of the most ridiculous examples, presented by The Associated Press, is about Sony's music division, Sony BMG. The Sony BMG label is the second largest in the world, including artists from AC/DC to Will Smith. However, why is it that music videos from Sony BMG are available on Xbox 360 and not PS3? Because Sony BMG demanded it. Bertelsmann, the "BMG" part of the Sony BMG partnership, insisted that music videos are available on Xbox 360 instead of PS3 "to make sure it's a fair deal" for Bertelsmann, said a Sony executive. We're not sure how many heads have been face-palmed by that kind of ideology.

Thankfully, things will start changing, now that Sony has bought full control over the music division. Sony BMG will now be called Sony Music Entertainment. With more and more of Sony's media empire coming under one house, we're hoping it won't be too long before some not-so-stupid decisions are made at Sony HQ.

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