DJ Max Technika touching American arcades

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Andrew Yoon
November 6th, 2008
DJ Max Technika touching American arcades

"American arcades?" Really? Do they still exist? The good ol' days of coin operated machines seemed long gone, but maybe things are changing. Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV have enticed gamers to go to the few arcades remaining in the US. PM Studios is joining the movement by bringing popular Korean arcade game, DJ Max Technika, to the States this December.

Technika is a continuation of the Beatmania-style music game. Unlike previous DJ Max games, Technika utilizes a touch screen. Players must tap the screen as notes go across a blue line. As usual, Technika will feature full-motion video in the background and music from popular Korean musicians, like Clazziquai, 015B, BJJ, Sugar Donut, Garion, Humming Urban Stereo, Yozoh, and more.

Like many Japanese and Korean arcade cabinets, Technika will also be equipped with internet connectivity, to provide global leaderboards and updates to the game. IC Cards will save player progress. Test locations where players can try out Technika will be revealed in the coming days.
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