BigRedKitty: For Ezra and Make a Wish

Daniel Howell
D. Howell|11.08.08

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Daniel Howell
November 8th, 2008
BigRedKitty: For Ezra and Make a Wish

Ezra Chatterton has gone on to a better place, and we are all better for having known of him, his struggles, and the honor and dignity that he and his family displayed throughout their ordeal. Our most sincere and heartfelt love and wishes for a happier future go out to them all. May they find the peace and comfort they so richly deserve.

We have received emails from his guild, telling us that he read He was a hunter, and we are proud to have had him among our ranks. Now we are not the best hunter in Warcraft, nor the one with the most PvP kills, nor the best gear, nor anything else that elevates us to any high standard. But we do have two things that we can use to honor the memory of one who has fallen before his time:

A great big mouth and an extremely large and disturbed cult following.

It is with great pride and humility that we announce an event in which you can participate. Where you can join us as we humbly, and with tremendous joy, stand and proclaim our kinship with Ezra, and the Make-a-Wish foundation which gave him so much joy.

We're going to burn Stormwind to ashes.

BRK's Running of da Bulls for Ezra: The Sacking of Stormwind.

Saturday, November 8th, 6:00pm EST/11:00pm GMT.

Argent Dawn (US)

We have enlisted the help of Bloodmoon Chosen, a fine, upstanding Horde guild on Argent Dawn with whom we have a fond tradition of working for our Horde-based events. They're spreading the word, even as we speak, that every level seventy Horde toon on Argent Dawn should report to the Tauren starting zone at the appointed time. There, the rest of us will create level-one Taurens, and amass the single largest Baby Tauren Army ever seen.

This army will procede to Ratchet, where we will crowd the boat beyond the dreams of Goblin-kind. Arriving in Booty Bay, our army will march north to Goldshire. The little hamlet shall be our snack before the feast.

Once Goldshire has been burned assunder, and the Alliance is made aware of our arrival, our mighty Horde army shall take the city by storm, slashing and burning, until the King is found. He shall be eliminated with due haste and diligence. Thus, our compatriots will be the youngest and lowest level toons to ever complete the Storming Stormwind achievement. Screenshots shall be delivered unto Blizzard itself, demanding publication and recognition of our status.

Of course our ultimate success will depend upon the number of level seventy people we can amass; our low-level Taurens are basically a symbolic force of destruction. But regardless, it shall be a festival of fire, a triumphant, raucus feast of human flesh and crushed keeps.

And you will be encouraged to make a small donation to the Make-a-Wish foundation, so that they may continue their work of bringing some happiness to a sick child. In Ezra's name, his memory, and with the grace that he faced his life, so do we hope you will help our cause and raise a nice sum for Make a Wish.

Our record for cramming level one Taurens into a single zone is six hundred thirty two. With your help, we can break that record. With the current high-level Horde population of Argent Dawn, we can turn Stormwind into a cow pasture.

With your help, we can Make-a-Wish come true. We hope to see you there.

Elune speed, Ezra.

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