Exclusive: Cave Story's new Sue sprite

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Tyrone from Nicalis asked us if we wanted to run an exclusive Cave Story sprite comparison, and we responded by sputtering, mostly, and attacking the keyboard furiously with our frantic approval. The new sprite that Nicalis chose to share with us is Sue Sakamoto, whom you rescue fairly early in the game. Beyond that, we're a bit shaky on what people would consider a spoiler, so we're not offering any more biographical details. We're impressed by how much the new sprite resembles her character portrait, and by the fact that her scar is visible.

This is the sprite that has really convinced us that the upgraded graphics are a good thing. They're still blocky, but more expressive and with more variation between the characters.

After the break, we've got another sprite comparison, this one from the Nicalis blog. Huzzah!


We're not going to stop talking about Cave Story any time soon. You may as well read up on it and join the discussion!
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