Madden tramples Wii Fit in Q3 global sales

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Madden tramples Wii Fit in Q3 global sales

The Top Global Markets sales data from NPD, Chart-Track and Enterbrain (via GameDaily) reveals that Madden NFL 09 blitzed the global charts to become the best selling game in the third quarter of '08 (that's July to September). Trailing Madden were Wii Fit and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Also, showing that the franchise still has some Pikachu-charged power behind it, Pokémon Platinum battled in fourth place with 1.4 million units sold, despite being only available in Japan. Mario Kart Wii rounded out the top five.

Certainly the most interesting question about the sales figures is: Where would Wii Fit be if it was actually meeting demand? Madden's sales were (obviously) US heavy, while Wii Fit had a regional sales spread based on Wii's install base. Find the full sales figures after the break.

The third quarter 2008 top 5 videogames according to Top Global Markets follow:

Madden NFL 09 (all platforms)
Total: 2,994,000
  • US: 2,958,000
  • UK: 35,000
  • Japan: 1,000

Wii Fit
Total: 2,089,000
  • US: 1,283,000
  • UK: 460,000
  • Japan: 346,000

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
(all platforms)
Total: 1,738,000
  • US: 1,417,000
  • UK: 321,000
  • Japan: N/A

Pokemon Platinum (DS)
Total: 1,482,000
  • US: N/A
  • UK: N/A
  • Japan: 1,482,000

Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
Total: 1,468,000
  • US: 856,000
  • UK: 394,000
  • Japan: 218,000
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