Cocktail Tiger Edition shaken, not stirred, to version 4.2

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Steve Sande
November 13th, 2008
Cocktail Tiger Edition shaken, not stirred, to version 4.2

Tiger users of the world, unite!

You've stayed with Mac OS X 10.4 for a reason, probably that you have a favorite piece of software that still suffers under Leopard. Well, that shouldn't keep you from maintaining your Mac so it's running at peak performance.

If you use Maintain's Cocktail Tiger Edition, zip on over to the website now and download version 4.2. The new version features a huge list of additions, including the ability to search and delete corrupted preference files, a searchable database of Mac OS system error codes, a list of commonly used network ports, and support for the Flock web browser.

New features include the ability to always use expanded Save dialogs, always show the tab bar or open new windows in new tabs in Safari, disabling the Genre column or iTunes Store arrow links in iTunes, and more. Maintain has optimized the application for faster and more reliable performance, and killed a few bugs that made it through testing in the last version.

Cocktail Tiger Edition 4.2 is a free upgrade for current owners. If you're not a Cocktail user, you can buy this utility directly from Maintain in Leopard, TIger, or Panther editions (US$14.95).

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